Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Rates -

In Germany rates are calculated per line.
A line costs from euros 1.10 - 1.40
Elsewhere it is from euros 0.10 - 0.25 per word.

As we now see more web sites being translated,
where lines don't have a standard length,
I favor the per-word charge - it is also more universal.

But caution is advised when bidding on web sites which are extensive: Merely capturing the underlying structure, wherein to place the distributed chunks of translated text is a task growing exponentially with the size of the site.

Try explaing that to the client. Even clients who themselves are programming or engineering professionals have no patience for such issues.
For them, human language stuff is this service thing that should be done without fussing about, and let them please wory about those real complex and difficult things they are involved in. Unless they are localizaton engineers. Then it's a pleasure to discuss issues.

Signing off out of Munich.
Gisela Strauss.
Tech Translator.


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