Thursday, May 12, 2005

Cessna in plane B5 English

B5, Washington correspondent spoke of a chessnuh chasing the folks out of the White House for the duration of 15 minutes. Or was it Vic Chesnutt - that naughty New Orleans based bard chasing White House staff out and away with cacophonic noise like that of the bard Cacofonix in the French Asterix and Obelix comic strip?
Nope. No such thing.
A Cessna it was, or so belatedly, the Bayern 5 (aka the-in-15-Minuten-kann-sich-die Welt-verändern-Station)correspondent declared 12 hours later.

But then again, no-one, and I mean no-one is safe from committing
completely stupid mistakes. Including me. But hey, pointing out errors is such smug


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