Monday, November 07, 2005

esprit de I'escalier

esprit de I'escalier [es-pree de less-ka/-iay] (idiom)

» A witty remark that occurs to you too late, literally on the way down the stairs. The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations defines esprit de l'escalier as, An untranslatable phrase, the meaning of which is that one only thinks on one's way downstairs of the smart retort one might have made in the drawing room. « It says on the NPR website's list of untranslatable idioms.

There is also a German entry on the NPR list of untranslatables: [core-in-ten-cuck-er] (noun).
Such a person, told me at the job, The assistant we had before you was LIKE MOTHER THERESA, sigh. (Mind you this IS Bavaria, after all)

"I am more the Sissi Perlinger type, in case you were wondering" - I didn't say but wished I had. Typical case of "esprit de I'escalier".

Munich Bavaria


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Oxford Dictionary says hooker is a Dutch or Irish type of boat.

In U.S. English Hooker is a prostitute.

Dictionary of U.S. / Brit: English

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