Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Widgets can make their parents grow - I think... Widgets verursachen Wachstum bei ihren Eltern - oder so ähnlich.

Widgets can make their parents grow. Because the English language is more compact than most languages, widgets on which there will be text labels which may be longer in the target language than in English, will need to grow. But! They may have parents. In which case the widget children with longer text on them need to tell their parents to grow also.

An object used to hold data and present an interface to the user. A widget is a combination of state and procedure. Each widget is a member of a class, which holds the procedures and data structures common to all widgets of that class. A widget instance holds the procedures and data structures particular to that single widget. Each widget class typically provides the general behavior associated with a particular kind of interaction with the user.


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