Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Homm Besoffen am Pool bei Mittag?

Chief Investment Officer Homm, of Absolute Capital Management (ACM), says he realized work was a privilege he does not want to miss. He tried retiring and found himself drunk on the poolside by noon - everyday. He realized that this wasn't all that desirable in the end: he said his brain began to shrivel, he needed to go back to work.

Tough call for some folks who believe hedge fond boss and pit bull Florian Homm, Mallorca (FT Germany), attacked their "Lebenswerk" - their work of a lifetime - (sic car rental entrepreneur Erich Sixt, Pullach, Bavaria). How could someone love work, and try and take the "work of a lifetime" away from someone else? It's a bad bad world out there, for the credits wikipedia commons
Hummer vehicle provider from Pullach, seat of the BND.

But then maybe Homm did not mean it. Maybe this was some unintended side effect of his laudable work ethic. He is so post Cold War, post so post Marshall Plan, it is scary.

Meanwhile many Arbeitsplatzinhaber (proprietors of an employment situation) agree with Homm. Being drunk at work by noon everyday, beats being drunk by the poolside of a Spanish casa at noon anytime. No, really.


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