Wednesday, June 01, 2005

That Cabbage Thing - Das Ding mit dem Kohl

»Do you know the name of this vegetable? «
»Wie heißt dieses Gemüse?«
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The Guardian asks in its print edition. »Kohlrabi« I said to myself - but what is the English word for it? The article has its faults: absentminded yuppy walks into gold mine when starting an organic veggie delivery business because the British middle classes take to ordering plenty out of masochistic snobbery - paying out a lot to be roughing it with welted weird veggies. Oh yes and somehwere there is the Italian father-in-law in the background, making it all possible. It's so cliché but the worst is the ironic tone of the piece - generating that subtle distance from the stereotype generated, so as to appear especially sophisticated.

It's kohlrabi in U.S. English as well.
Im Englischen heißt es auch Kohlrabi.


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