Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Press Release Munich Dallas: AIDMATRIX

Shari Temple, Managing Director - Europe of the Aidmatrix Foundation
"The Right Aid to the Right People at the Right Time" described how tons of evening dresses ended up being shipped to Tsunami regions. Where the injured and homeless could not use them. Disposing of them added to the work load, disaster relief organizations had to shoulder. This is no singular incident, and cause for Aidmatrix Foundation to take action.
Aidmatrix is about providing intelligent logistics and sourcing solutions tailored to the requirements of globally and locally networked relief organizations such as the Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies.
The Spanish Red Cross Emergency Relief Unit is the first to apply Aidmatrix to its inventory and shipping processes:
Press Release:
International Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies join with the Aidmatrix Foundation to Provide Global Disaster Relief

MUNICH and DALLAS – March 23, 2006 –

……Head of IT, Hugh Peterken said, “The Federation’s mission to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity. As the world's largest humanitarian organization with millions of volunteers active in over 183 countries, we are pleased to partner with Aidmatrix. We believe only through powerful and innovative partnerships will we achieve our mission". …………..About the Aidmatrix Foundation
Aidmatrix helps charitable organizations alleviate human suffering by mobilizing resources and orchestrating the right aid for the right people at the right time. It is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit governed by a voluntary board of directors including captains of industry. Founded as a program of the i2 Foundation a half-decade ago, it mobilizes more than a billion dollars in aid annually working with more than 350 charities worldwide. It partners with corporations including i2 Technologies, Accenture, Sun Microsystems, Alcatel, Dell, EDS and others to engage employees and the public in its innovative mission. See for more information.


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