Monday, November 13, 2006

Oil for Food? Not! For Water

Brendan Buhler reporting on the bottled water convention in Las Vegas:
"We need to change the way we sell water," said industry analyst Kathleen Ransome. "At what point will consumers turn to the tap?"

Hm, dunno ... at gun point?
What other reason would there be to turn away from bottled water?

Surprise, surprise there are some - oil prices for instance. 'Cause honey chile oil is what the water bottles are made of. And they're becoming dearer by the day.

Reason number two:
The American middle class is shrinking; "so who's going to be able to afford it at a higher price?" asks analyst Kathleen Ransome.

Well, the American middle class is'nt exactly shrinking. It's sliding down towards the lower classes. And the lower classes turn to the tap.

More on why bottled water is not good for the planet and probably bad for your health.


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