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Allodial is a real estate term (etymological source: royal estate - no inherent link to the word real) meaning land which cannot be granted by way of the feudal system - with obligations of any kind to a feudal overlord.

After the American Revolutionary War (1775–1783) land no longer was considered » granted by the king « i.e. royal estate - because by then American colonies were no more.

Treaty of paris Painting from 1783 by Benjamin West depicting
John Jay, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Henry Adams
Public Domain

In the Treaty of Paris (1783) between Americans and the British, it was agreed that land in America would be held from now on "in allodial title".

No landowner in the United States was to owe any allegiance to any English noble from then on.

Considering this - it is not surprising at all that legal terminologies linked to real estate business - in as much as they express an underlying philosophy -
differ between U.S. and British English.

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