Saturday, February 18, 2006

Kind of Peaceful

At the last MAPC event in Munich a former
Marine who now lives and works as a teacher in Souther France described his experience of war in Iraq. Among other things, he said that to natives in Iraq the holding up of the palm of your hand towards an approaching vehicle and the lowering it traditionally means a friendly guesture. It does not mean "stop or "slow down".

Imagine all the tragedies solely arising out of that one misunderstanding between any given soldier who just might have arrived in Iraq, manning a road block, and natives.

Scott, the former Marine also said that the French are nice because they do not ask at parties, "C'mon!How many did ya kill over there?". It's those and other things taking place in the U.S. that made him and his girlfriend decide to go to France for the time being. Scott teaches English to little French children. He says, it's kind of peaceful.

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