Sunday, February 26, 2006

Tagging Barista Envy

ever envied those cool baristas behind their shiny espresso machines, whipping out chochocino, latte macchiato, small, medium or large, serving hot cinnamon rolls, in short, cornering the forefront and cutting edge of an already meaningful niche of the food services sector industry.

Well, envy no more, for as Slantpoint observes

Do you ever stand in line at Starbucks, watching the endless line of orders keep the barristas busy, and think, "There's no way I could do that. I'd have no time to blog." »

[enter barrista in Google search and you'll get a Did-you-mean- "barista-?-nag-message.]

And no. I never ever stand in endless line for my coffee creation. There's just too many Starbucks, Coffee Fellows, San Francisco Coffee Companies and Lavazza bodegas in Munich, practically storefront-to-storefront, crowding sidewalks. And besides, moi, I have my own espresso machine at home. [full honest disclosure: it's a tiny two-cup machine, an un-Italian one - and to be exact: a German brand. It is "unkaputtable", and it cost 50 Euros].

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There is another, unrelated, but interesting blog on MTA: How a wise captain knows how to leverage the tide.

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