Thursday, February 23, 2006


"Neidhammel" is someone who is pathologically envious of others. Literally envy mutton.
Ambulance chaser is not some paparazzi but the term for personal injury lawyers.
For instance if a tailgater drives into the derriere of your motor vehicle, the ambulance chaser will try and convince you that you have a personal injury case.
Personal injury is big business for advocates in the U.S.

06:11 pm just found in my inbox:
Einladung zum Jour Fixe: Wie ticken Banker?
Which reminds me of another wicked idiom:
Ich glaub' der tickt nicht richtig.
I think he isn't wrapped too tight.
So that's why this email header seems somewhat risqué for a business club invitation.

Lawyer jokes are an institution in America. Here is one:
Don't ask how much
is in your advocate. Ask only to what extent people can smell it on this lawyer's breath.

Fragen Sie nicht, wieviel Avocaat in ihrem Advokaten ist. Fragen Sie nur, wie sehr er sich als Fahne bei diesem Rechtsanwalt bemerkbar macht.


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